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Deaf Is...

Welcome to Deaf Is... this web site's content was created by the students and staff of the American School for the Deaf in West Hartford, Connecticut. It is designed to answer the questions related to deafness that we have received from many 4th-8th grade public school students.

Take a look around the site--there are probably many questions that you may have often wondered about deafness!

About the Trunk

One of the common icons on the Deaf Is... site is Small image of Steamer Trunkthe steamer trunk. This kind of trunk was commonly used when people would travel in the 1800's. In addition to collecting the information for this website, the students at ASD also made real "steamer trunks"! Then they made the items pictured at the left of this page to go inside the trunks. When the students at ASD interact in a Deaf Is Project with a public school, we send the school a trunk with the items. The public school students can then use the items in the trunk along with the website to learn more about what "Deaf Is...".